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Welcome to mcfluffinaters may i take your order
My name is rigel hello hi.
I love dinosaurs and dragons....a lot.
I love robots....alot
I love video games...alot
I love animated movies...a lot

If you want to see my favourite stuff look in interests!

Basically there's things i love a lot.
I have a cow cat named Sasuke, he is male
I also have a lionhead bunny named sammy, shes black with a lil white nose.

Imagine that you are a caterpillar for a second...
What did you think i was trying to teach a life lesson screw that can you just imagine being a caterpillar it must be scary as hell

letnothingyoudismay.deviantart… <-- this is my real life friend please eat her

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LemonxChanh 7 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
thanks for the fav :meow:
why don't you come on SpyroForum anymore?
Because I'm not even on the internet anymore, really. I've been cutting back on my computer time and other electronics because.....well what can i say, i wasnt feeling good for a long time and got fed up. Turned out i had a vitamin D deficiency. But i wont lie the cell phone helps cut down on the addiction (hey its portable) As for spyro forum...i dont know, its not as if i forgot about it, i just didnt go on. When i chat with people over the internet i get caught up in doing so, and end up staying on all day out of control. Okay i guess you could argue: Why dont i just control myself? Pretty much like i said the stimulation is an addiction.....i find it makes things easier to just abstain. I had to make a new facebook account ( Shhh....but no its just family trouble) It's Fluffer Mcfluff if any of y'all are interested. Thank the almighty cruller for the facebook messenger app. So...yeah thats pretty much it. EAT MY MUFFINS *ninja smoke bomb*
wow. hope you're feeling better with the whole Vitamin D issue!

and good luck with what you're doing! and if you get the electronics 'addiction' under control, you're always welcome back at SpyroForum.
Thanks :D And yeah im fine now, turned out i wasnt getting enough sun. I'm pretty much out every day now.
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